Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Telegraph Fantasy Cricket

That time of year is here again with the county season just underway. The Telegraph are again running their popular fantasy cricket competition and as ever I shall be entering and hoping for the best. If four or more other people are interested I'll create a Third Umpire Super League just for a bit of fun! Here is the link: http://tcrk.gfm.co.uk/cgi-bin/TELP_CRIC2007_copy.cgi?popup=2&p_game_code=CRIC2007&p_referer Comment with your interest!


(I'm not revealing my line-up yet!)


Tim said...

Great idea Chris. Is all I have to do select my side?

Chrispy said...

Aye Tim, we need at least five people, so three others and then we can form the Super League after the teams have been selected, you don't have to do it before you register. Then once I set up the Super League people can join it and if we get twelve plus people, we will have mini-trophies to hand out at the end of the season too! :-)

Tim said...

Great. Is it free by the way?

sillymidoff said...

Hi Chris

i'd love to join in your league. I have 3 teams. How many can join your league? Is it just the one? Also as soon as we have 5 names can you post the pin no & code on this comment page as we'll end those to join this league. Many thanks and good luck to EVERYONE

Chrispy said...

The way I read it it is five teams, not five players, so therefore, if you want to add all three when I set it up then you may and that would give us four already! I believe entry is the usual £6 btw, well worth it when you consider the prizes on offer:
£10,000 1st
£1,500 2nd
£1,000 3rd

£1,000 Starting IX Highest points
£1,000 Highest Wicket Taker
£1,000 Highest Run Scorer
£1,000 Highest average scoring super league

£100 manager of the week

Free season ticket to each of the 18 first class counties for the highest scorer in each of the 18 county leagues, depending on which team you select at registration.

And a golden duck for the lucky fellow who acquires the most ducks over the season.

Oh and if we exceed 12 in our super league we get our own mini trophies to hand out come the seasons end.

The season starts 8th May. Oh and if anyone plays fantasy football you can get ur team for £3 before the end of May.

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