Thursday, 13 September 2007

County fans wanted

We at Third Umpire are huge fans of the county game, and we would love county fans to contribute to domestic season reviews. We ran these last year (see below) and they were very popular; and it would be great to have insights into all the county sides' fates from knowledgable fans, someting you're unlikely to get in the mainstream media.

Hopefully we will complete a full set of county reviews, which will make for a fascinating read.

Please do any reviews in the following format, following the template of last year's Surrey review and email them to

Any reviews would be much appreciated, and they should attract much interest amongst fans. Hope your county is enjoying a succussful season!


River Taff End said...
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River Taff End said...

Naturally, I'll do Glamorgan's, as long as it can be in a black font in the style used on gravestones in cemetries.

Richard Lake said...

Like your style RTE. I'll do Yorkshire's. It'll start really promisingly then tail off into a report that is better than you'd have hoped when you started, but you're still disappointed by.