Monday, 14 April 2008

Tame draw, but...

A good workout for the players.

The bowlers all had good spells, and it was nice to see Greg Smith and Nayan Doshi bowling long spells on what appeared a slow and docile pitch. No bad thing to get into an early groove.
Also good to see James Pipe and Graeme Wagg in the runs. If they could both make 500 this year it will make a huge difference and it is well within their capabilities. Both have a habit of going for their shots too early, but both can take a game away from opponents very quickly in doing so.

I'd like to get Tom Lungley back in the side asap as he can also be a dogged tail end batsman. I know its a different level, but he did score a double hundred in local league cricket not that long ago, and is a fair bat.

Mind you, if the top eight don't score, should you expect 9, 10, jack to do so?

I would like to see us play two spinners in one day matches, as they'll often slow the scoring when the seamers are going all over the place. For what its worth, my ideal one day side for this year would be as played in this first match, except I'd substitute the eagerly hoped for Langeveldt for Hunter, and on occasion play Needham instead of Lungley. This is more to give a very good and talented seamer a break when the wicket allows it than becase I don't rate him. We would still have Dean, Wagg, Langeveldt, Smith and Clarke to bowl seam, plus the two spinners.

Indeed, the presence of all rounders in Clarke, Wagg and Smith - all of them genuine, rather than batsman who bowl and vice versa, may be a big factor this season. I can't wait for things to start ...

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Chrispy said...

It's good to another man who thinks two spinners is the way to go in the majority of one day matches!