Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Swing master Anderson does it again

Cloudy skies, moist air and a green tinged wicket - perfect conditions for England's James Anderson.

The 'Burnley Express' can be infuriatingly inconsistent but when he is on form there are few better bowlers out there.

This is certainly the case on a swing friendly pitch like the one at Trent Bridge last week. The 28-year-old blitzed his way through the Pakistan batting line up, taking 5-54 and then 6-17 to finish with impressive looking figures of 11-71 and his first ever international ten wicket haul.

He is not quite the complete bowler and I suppose very few are. But what coach Andy Flower is keen to develop is a varied attack capable of adapting to different bowling conditions. And Anderson is the undisputed star of the show when it comes to swing - Broad can get some movement but not to the same extent.

The key for the Lancastrian is to not try too hard when the conditions aren't in his favour, this will be true in Australia and it's probably why the Ashes betting still favours the home side.

Too often in the past his determination to do well has turned to frustration, leading to a wayward and erratic line and consequently expensive figures.

There will be times when Anderson will have to play the support role - ably filled by Steven Finn and Stuart Broad this week - in order for England's bowlers to act as a unit, rather than individuals. This would boost their cricket betting odds no end.

If he can do that then coach Flower will have a talented set of bowlers collectively far greater than the sun of their parts.

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