Monday, 6 December 2010

Can Swann start proving himself on Aussie wickets?

To date, Graeme Swann has endured a pretty frustrating experience every time he has been handed the opportunity to bowl on Aussie wickets. However, as the Adelaide wicket starts to show that it has some turn in it, now is perhaps the time for Swann to show precisely how good a bowler he really is.

The buoyant England camp will surely be all too aware that they need to get the Aussies out as quickly as possible if they are to stand the best possible chance of avoiding seeing the test end as a draw. They'll also know that their bowling attack will need to take full advantage of the last gasp wicket of Michael Clarke that the test's current unlikely hero Kevin Pietersen managed to take.

After watching on as Pietersen managed to find the turn in the pitch perfectly, Swann can now go on to sweep away the middle and lower order of the Aussie batsmen, something that few Ashes online betting would surely bet against him doing on an English wicket. However, with Swann aware that he has not been at his best so far in the current series, he can really steal the limelight of the test with a solid display.

If, though, Swann fails to up his game and take any wickets, he may just find himself under a fair amount of pressure from both his fellow players and the English media, which no player of any sport wishes to endure.

Despite Swann not firing on all cylinders, the English batsmen have at least been able to show the kind of form that undeniably takes a fair amount of pressure off the English attack.

However, tests are won by great bowlers and batsmen working together, and if England’s current crop of players are to be considered by those looking at Ashes betting odds as amongst the all-time greats, they will need to show that they can do just that.


Rob said...

Answer: Yes :)

Anonymous said...

How good the author of this guff expects a finger spinner to be on a totally flat surface. All they can do is keep the batsmen under control and hope for an error.

Even in the first test Swann went for less than 3rpo, which is the opposition have a 300+ run stand is very decent bowling economywise.

Of course, this innings we saw what Swann can do on a fairly helpful track, though still one decent enough for batting. Not only 5 wickets but also had one dropped and another hit the stumps without removing the bails.

You have to ask what the motive of the blogger is? One less than stellar performance and he is over our best bowler like a rash. I suggest he stops writing such garbacg, learns a lot more about cricket and curbs his tabloid tendencies before his next blog.

Anonymous said...

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