Monday, 4 April 2011

Tournament review: England

Continuing our tournament reviews, here is an assessment of how England did.

A plain side, batting and bowling with orthodoxy, England were nevertheless
described as the tournament’s entertainers, and that is what they were. England produced a series of enthralling games in the group stages and, in conspiring to lose to Ireland and Bangladesh, helped to preserve interests in the tournament. But their thrilling run ended with an ignominious 10-wicket defeat in the quarter-final, with a depleted bowling attack lacking in threat. In the final analysis, a lack of power in the batting and the absence of good spin options to complement Graeme Swann were hurdles they couldn’t have overcome even had they had the best preparation in the world.

Star man
He seldom oozes star quality, but Jonathan Trott produced a tour de force, with 422 runs at 60, and, though you wouldn’t know it, a strike-rate of 80. Critics of him should acknowledge he played his role brilliantly, but was let down by a lack of support.

Jimmy Anderson’s role in the Ashes win isn’t about to be forgotten but he lacked any control in this tournament. By the end, even his captain was saying he was burned out.

Andrew Strauss is likely to resign as one-day skipper. His successor will find a side well-suited to English conditions but in need of more oomph with the bat and variation with the ball.


Richard Lake said...

Knackered after the Ashes and really not all that bothered about the tournament. England were the only team with genuinely nothing to play for. I don't know any England fan who would have said the winter was a disappointment even if we'd finished bottom of the group.

Hopefully with the change in the Ashes schedule, we might take the next one a bit more seriously, but this tournament played second fiddle by a long way to what preceded it!

Tim said...

Fair enough - but I think the side were very bothered to beat the West Indies indeed. The schedule was a hindrance, but we wouldn't have won the tournament with the best preparation in the world.

Anonymous said...

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