Friday, 23 March 2007

Bob Woolmer Murdered

Jamaican Police spokesman Karl Angell announced at a press conference this evening that: "The pathologist's report states that Mr Woolmer's death was due to asphyxiation as a result of manual strangulation. In these circumstances, the matter of Mr Woolmer's death is now being treated by the Jamaican police as a case of murder."

What kind of cruel and callous World do we live in, where an honourable man can be killed over the simple game of cricket, which lives and breathes as a form of entertainment and enjoyment. It is a sad day for the sport and an even sadder one for the World. One can only hope that some good will come of this, but in reality what good can ever come from something as evil, senseless and wasteful as murder. We can only pray that Bob did not suffer too much and be comforted by the thought that he now is at rest. Taken from the World early, one of cricket's finest will certainly never be forgotten.

You are sadly missed Bob. Let justice now be done.


River Taff End said...

Can only agree with all of your sentiments.

Madness, absolute madness.

Jamie said...

I recently posted this response to a post on King Cricket.. I think the sentiments work here also.

I was devastated when I saw the news that Bob Woolmer had passed away.
I am incredulous now!

How could someone take the life of another human being over a game.

I am passionate about cricket, more so than most other things in life (much to the disdain of my beloved), but the thought of harming someone over it, is beyond belief.

Aside from that, how will the PCB now find a replacement for a great man? Who in their right mind would want to take a job, where murder seems to be the cricket equivalent of "you're fired".

The darkest days of cricket have returned, to a tournament that was supposed to show the world, how much enjoyment, fun, celebration etc.. could be had from this glorious game.

Now, the only new people watching this tournament, or the news of it, are the sort of people so intrigued by mysterious deaths.. The kind of people inclined to read serial killer biographies.

Words are hard to come by, at present, and I hope that whoever committed such a heinous crime, are brought to justice.

Chrispy said...

Well said Jamie