Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Yuvraj Singh

As the World Cup approaches, Third Umpire will be selecting a ODI World 11, with one player featuring every day. We continue with our number seven, India's Yuvraj Singh.

One of cricket's most stylish and naturally talented batsmen, Yuvraj Singh made an immediate impact on the International scene in his debut innings, aged just 18, when he blasted 84 to help India beat the mighty Australians. Though he has had some ups and downs over the years he has been in great one-day form since the beginning of 2006, averaging 54.14. In that time he has struck two centuries and six fifties, amassing nearly 1000 runs.

His clean hitting and impressive strike rate of 85.98 make Yuvraj one of the most difficult batsmen to contain once he is going. He also has the ability to temper his innings to the match situation, aggressively pushing up the run rate or seeing his side home. Add to this his wonderful fielding and canny left-arm spin and you have one of the most dangerous one-day players in world cricket.


Richard Lake said...

Can't agree with this choice. It may be the Yorkshire fan in me, but I've never really rated Yuvraj as a batsman or a bowler. When we still have players such as Flintoff, Pollock, Murali, Akhtar, Ntini, McGrath, Bond to fit in, this is a place wasted.

I'd agree with the top six, but seven has to be Freddie.

Ricky said...

I think Yuvraj has the potential to take this World Cup by storm with his stylish Left-hand strokeplay, he is also one of the better fielders in the world.

In reference to the comment above "I've never really rated Yuvraj as a batsman or a bowler." I take it you have'nt been following world cricket over the last year or so, he has been one of the most explosive Batsmen in the world during 2006 (an average of over 50)!

Chrispy said...

Yuvraj's bowling will probably be quite handy at the World Cup if the pitches are anything like the one England just played on. Great fielder and finisher, but I am not certain about having Hussey and Yuvraj in the same team when they do ostensibly the same job. Symo and Flintoff are better for me for the role required. Very good ODI player though.

Tim said...

As it was me who chose the side, I had better justify the choice. As we now know, I have indeed chosen Flintoff, but to bat at eight - testament to the fact his bowling is more reliable than his batting.

The bowling attack comprises Flintoff, Pollock and two other frontline bowlers, in addition to Gayle (who can surely be called an ODI all-rounder), Jayasuriya and Singh, which is why there is room for another batsman.

I should perhaps have made this a little clearer, but all players injured for the World Cup were not considered. Singh, who has so blossomed of late, seemed the pbvious choice. While he is fairly similar to Hussey, is that a bad thing? Would you only play one of Hussey and Bevan? I would suggest that a quality one-day side requires more than one finisher.

Chrispy said...

Assuming the number elevan is Murali, this would indeed be a great side for this coming world cup, with the pitches looking the way they are, rather slow. However, if this wasn't the case who would come into the team as the 12th man who could add to the seam attack? Be fascinated to hear who people think. But three quicks and two spinners would often be a good enough attack for most pitches. Jayasuriya and Gayle both bowl very effectively as containing spinners.