Sunday, 25 March 2007

Preview: Bangladesh vs Bermuda

The final group game takes place today and it should be another one sided affair. Bangladesh can no longer be classed as minnows and while they still may not be classed as a serious contender in Test cricket, they most certainly are a threat to the bigger sides in ODI cricket on their day. They are a lot further down the development road than Bermuda and that will show today. India will of course be hoping that Bermuda can pull off a huge upset, but it just isn't going to happen. Bermuda have some decent players, most notably David Hemp and Kevin Hurdle, but they just don't have enough skill in either department to challenge at this level.

Prediction: Bangladesh comfortably.

Players to watch: Shariar Nafees and David Hemp.


River Taff End said...

Can anyone tell me why Bangladesh did not have a higher target than 95 off 21, given that Bermuda wouldn't have known it was a 21 over game at the start? I expected to see a D/L of 110?

Chrispy said...

Only in cricket....

Similarly, only in cricket could players have a 50 minute break for rain at 45.3 overs, then come back, play 2.3 overs (becoming a 48 over match - which was unfair on Ireland, who would have gone 12 balls earlier had they known they were losing 12 balls!), go off for a 30min lunch and come back and play just 48overs. Only in cricket, only in cricket, common sense anyone?