Friday, 2 March 2007

Is Ponting the best player in the world?

As the World Cup approaches, Third Umpire will be selecting a ODI World 11, with one player featuring every day. We continue with our number three, Australia's Ricky Ponting.

Ricky Ponting’s place amongst the pantheon of the world’s greats is now beyond doubt; he has 30 Test hundreds and averages an amazing 72 over his last 54 Tests. Having regained the Ashes in spectacular fashion, Australia suffered an uncharacteristic slump in form, losing six out of seven ODIs and, perhaps crucially, Brett Lee to injury. But they rightly remain favourites: and Ponting's quite brilliant batting has a huge part to play in that.

Ponting is an enforcer with the bat, capable of playing every shot to perfection; but he is also a supreme technican able to adapt his game on the more testing tracks we may see in the Caribbean. Add in his exemplary fielding and increasingly impressive captaincy and there is a huge case for arguing that he is the world's best player. His task in the Caribbean is simple: to retain the World Cup, as his phenomenal 140* against India in the final of 2003 helped so much to do. Few would bet against him doing so.

Any thoughts on our World 11? Leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Ya Absolutely right.Ponting has enormous talent moreover his capacily to deliver each time whe there is crisis and when his team is in need of one.His ability to adapt to situation is marvaleous.

Whinging Pom said...

Ponting is by far the best batsmen in the world. When he drops form you hardly ever notice it because then he still has very high standards. Although some people may still feel that Tendulkar may still be better, I think they only think that because of his earlier career form. Over the past few years Tendulkar has done nothing (especially in tests) compared to Ponting. So at this very minute, Ponting is clearly the best player in the world. Nobody can live with him on his form.

Chrispy said...

Yes, yes, yes, although he needs to sort out his form in India next time out.

Anonymous said...

being english its hard to accept that ponting is the best - but his facts stack up fair play up the aussies

who won the commonwealth series ?